1940's Wartime   Costumes

With War dominating the 1940s, here at MAD Distribution we decided to develop some specific 1940s to help bring back the Blitz spirit of togetherness. With a series of costumes that celebrates some (but not all) of the roles and people that kept Britain working during World War 2, with the costumes created perfect for 40s revival and school events. You can join the Armed forces in our Army, Naval or Airforce costumes. If you are happier on the home front, you can join Dads Army and help out with the home guard or plough the fields with the WW2 Land Girl Costume. For finishing touches, check out the range of 1940's Wigs. From short to long and casual to classy you are sure to find a wig that suits any style of you decide. Just don't forget the gas mask!

1940's Wartime Fancy Dress (30)

Ww2 Army Boy - Childrens Fancy Dress Costume


WW2 Army Girl Costume Adult Green


40s Vintage Wig Adult Brown


Ww2 Army Girl Costume Kids Khaki Green


40s Sweetheart Wig Adult Blonde


Ww2 Air Force Captain Costume Adult Blue


Naval Seaman Adult Blue


Ww2 Army Pin Up Spice Darling Costume Adult Green


Ww2 Air Force Female Captain Adult Blue


40s Rosie Wig Adult Red/White


Ww2 Evacuee Boy Costume Kids Grey


WW2 Tommy Hat Adult Green


Mens Ww2 Private Soldier Adult Costume Male Halloween Costume


Mens Ww2 Army General Adult Costume Male Halloween Costume


40s Vintage Wig Adult Blonde


40s Pin Up Wig Adult Blonde


Ww2 Land Girl


WW2 Little Land Girl Costume Child Green


WW2 Sweetheart Costume Adult Red


Ww2 Land Girl Costume Adult Olive/White


Ww2 Land Girl Costume Adult Khaki


Ww2 Home Guard Private Costume Adult Green


Ww2 Evacuee Girl Costume Kids Green


WW2 British Office Costume, with Trench Coat Adult Green


WW2 Army Warden Lady Costume Adult Green


Missile Millie 1940s Adult Costumes Female


Flying Helmet Adult Brown


1940s White Blouse Adult Costumes Female Uk Size 10 14


1940's Pencil Skirt Red Adult Costumes Female