1980s   Costumes

The 80s was all about attitude, action movies, and out there fashions typified with big hair, bad makeup and crazy clothes covered in colour and neon. With conventional clothing taking a backseat, this decade of daring fashions saw the start of Spandex and a new love for leather. With a new boom of pop-culture heroes that laid the groundwork for some of the most popular costumes still used today. If you're after an 80s costume, our 80s selection has all you need and more. You can pretend you're the queen of pop in our 80s Wild Child costume or turn up as Maverick in our Top Gun Costume. Alternatively, our amazing selection of 80s clothing such as Tights, Tutus and our Two Tone Instant Kit lets you create your own costume from our collection of individual items. Just don't forgot, you can't complete any 80s without an array of neon UV accessories! All of which are available from our accessories store.

1980's Fancy Dress (92)

Poker Visor Adult Green


He man Wig Adult Blonde


Chunky Necklace Adult Gold


80s Hip Hop Costume Adult Black/Blue


80s Wild Child Wig Adult Blonde


80s Light Up Visor Adult Blue


Inflatable Retro Mobile Phone Adult Black


Footless Net Tights Adult Neon Green


Poker Visor Adult Pink


80s Wild Child Wig Adult Brown


Opaque Tights Adult Rainbow


80s Long Mullet Wig Adult Blonde


Neon Belts Adult Neon Multi


Punk Gloves Adult Black


Fishnet Gloves Long Adult Black


Teardrop Earrings Adult Neon Multi


Neon Glasses Adult Assorted


Legwarmers Adult Yellow


Legwarmers Adult Purple


Legwarmers Adult Hot Pink


Footless Net Tights Adult Neon Yellow


Fishnet Tights Adult Neon


Chameleon Hat Adult Black


80s Lace Leggings Adult Neon Pink


80s Fingerless Lace Gloves Adult Neon Pink


Mullet Wig Adult Blonde


Mullet Wig Adult Black


80s Mullet Wig Adult Grey


80s Lace Leggings Adult Black


Legwarmers Adult Red


Neon Leopard Print Leggings Adult Multi


Footless Net Tights Adult Neon Pink


Beads Fluorescent Adult 3 Assorted


Beaded Bracelets Adult Neon


80s Light Up Visor Pink Adult Pink


80s Lace Leggings Adult Neon Green


80s Attitude Wig Adult Black


Wild Boy Wig Adult Blonde


Rainbow Rocker Wig Adult Black


80s Mullet Wig Adult Blonde/Red