Kids Animal

Teaching your child about the wonders of wildlife is an amazing way of encouraging a love of the environment as well as the wider outside world. So why not bring the thrill and majesty of wildlife and the traditions of the farmyard to life with the help of MAD Distributions ever expanding range animal costumes. Whether they want to be a bug from the Garden, or a terrifying Tiger from the mountains of Asia, our wide range of animal has everything and anything your child would ever need for their creature costume. Our range contains a variety of full body costumes in a onesie style, covering every type of animal from Bears to Bunnies and every other size animal in-between. Alternatively, we have a selection of smaller animal outfits including our Cat Kit and Dalmatian Kit, as well as a magnificent collection of Masks that are perfect for when a full body costume will be just too much to wear all day I doesn't matter what Kids Animal Costume you are looking for, MAD Distribution are here to help.

Childrens Animal Fancy Dress (37)

Unicorn Onesie Costume


Toddler Chick Costume


Toddler Panda Costume


Toddler Dalmatian Costume, Black & White


Deluxe Toddler Hatching Dino Costume


Toddler Clown Fish Costume


Toddler Colourful Elephant Costume


Cat Onsesie Costume


Toddler Ugly Duckling Costume


Toddler Billy Goat Costume


Book Worm Costume


Toddler Narwhal Costume


Dinosaur Onesie Costume


Toddler Black Sheep Costume


Giraffe Felt Mask


Toddler Chicken Costume, White


Ride In Unicorn Costume


Ride In Llama Costume


Unicorn Felt Mask


Toddler Lamb Costume, White


Fox Felt Mask


Ride In Octopus Costume


Toddler Bunny Costume, Grey


Toddler Crocodile Costume, Green


Bear Felt Mask


Giraffe Kit


Toddler Monkey Costume, Brown


Toddler Lion Costume, Brown


Toddler Giraffe Costume, Brown


Toddler Dog Costume, Brown


Toddler Cat Costume, Orange


Toddler Bear Costume, Brown


Lion Felt Mask


Ride In Seahorse Costume


Toddler Dinosaur Costume, Blue


Rat Kit


Bee Felt Mask