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      Kids Roald Dajl Costumes
      Using his wonderful way with words and childish humor to create some of the world's best known characters, the magnificent stories of the Welsh born novelist Roald Dahl have entertained and inspired generations of children and continue to be widely read to this day. Now, thanks to MAD Distribution, your children can dress as some of Roald Dahls most popular characters - we even have the wonderful Willy Wonka! - with our unrivaled range of kids Roald Dahl costumes that are perfect for World Book Day events, children's parties or any other time your children want to let their imagination run riot. With a range of characters available including the BFG, Charlie Bucket from the ever-popular Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, as well as Matilda and Fantastic Mr Fox you can be sure that your child will be spoilt for choice when selecting his or her Roald Dahl Costume. Whatever your favorite Roald Dahl character, you can guarantee MAD Distributions selection of costumes will set your child's imagination phizz-whizzing.

      Roald Dahl Fancy Dress (16)

      Roald Dahl Bfg Costume Kids Brown/White


      Roald Dahl Deluxe Enormous Crocodile Costume Kids Green


      Roald Dahl Deluxe Augustus Gloop Costume Kids Green


      Roald Dahl Charlie Bucket Costume Kids Yellow


      Roald Dahl Deluxe Violet Beauregarde Costume Kids Purple


      Roald Dahl James & The Giant Peach Costume Kids Orange


      Roald Dahl Fantastic Mr Fox Costume Kids Burgundy


      Roald Dahl Mrs Twit Costume Kids Green


      Roald Dahl Deluxe Sophie Costume Kids Pink


      Roald Dahl Matilda Costume Kids Blue


      Roald Dahl Miss Trunchbull Costume Kids Beige


      Roald Dahl Mr Twit Costume Kids Purple


      Roald Dahl Winning Wonka Bar Costume Kids Purple


      Roald Dahl Willy Wonka Costume Kids Green/Yellow


      Roald Dahl Deluxe Veruca Salt Costume Kids Pink


      Roald Dahl Deluxe The Witches Costume Kids Purple