Adults Halloween Party Games

Have a frighteningly good time this Halloween with our wonderful Adult Halloween Party games

We’ve all been to a Halloween Party where guests look great in their costumes, but no one is entering the fancy dress fun and letting their hair down. Well now you no longer need to worry! At Smiffys we’ve been working extra hard to bring you an awesome set of Adult Halloween party games that are perfect for playing in small or large groups with adults of all ages.

Find out our hilarious Halloween horror games below and get ready to have a ghastly good time this Halloween.

murder mystery
Murder Mystery

A party favourite for all types of event a Murder Mystery game truly comes into its own on the night of fright, when an aura of fear is in the air and minds are already playing tricks on participants. We’ve provided 4 murder mystery games for groups between 6-28 people

monster mash
Monster Mash

The perfect party game for that point in the night when the cocktails are flowing and your guests have dared to hit the dancefloor, the Monster Mash is brilliant for helping bring together the whole party and getting your guests to laugh the night away.

The rules could not be simpler;

1) Get your guests into pairs and give each couple a single sheet of newspaper.
2) Play the music, letting your guests dance away.
3) Once the music stops, both guests need to fit onto the same piece of paper.
The winners? The last pair still standing on their sheet.
Note: Between each round, the newspaper needs to be folded in half, meaning guests must get closer and closer without losing their balance!

horror movie
Have you learnt anything from a Horror Movie?

When watching a scary movie, how many times do you find yourself shouting at the screen ‘Don’t go in there’, ‘Don’t do that’ or one of countless other phrases as you see a characters impending danger minutes before they meet their demise? A lot!

But what would you do in that situation? Is it as easy to think clearly when you’re being hunted by hypothetical ghouls and zombies? Find out in the fantastic “Have you learnt anything from a Horror Movie?” game. Devised by Ghoul Friday, this quiz will test how much you have really learnt watching Horror Movies, or whether you just spent your time hiding behind a cushion.

Download Quiz Questions and instructions here

trick or treat
Trick or Treat?

Great fun with either standard shots or some creepy Halloween cocktails, trick or treat involves a rack of shot glasses filled with an array of weird and wonderful concoctions. Simply place a nose/clothes peg over the players nose, eliminating their sense of smell, then take it in turns to select a shot before downing it.

Isn’t that just drinking shots?

Potentially – yes. In this game however, several of the shots have been replaced or laced with something foul tasting such as vinegar, salt or even Worcestershire sauce!

The winner? Whoever makes it to the end without their head in the toilet!

Creepy Charades

Keeping with the Halloween spirit, creepy charades adds a terrifying twist to what is a classic party game.

The game is simple; Guests must get into even teams of pairs or more. Taking it turns to be either the actor or the guesser. The actor must then decide on a Halloween related theme and then act it out for the guesser to guess within a 3-5 minute timeframe.

A correct guess gives the team 1 point, with the winning team being the pair (or group) with the most points at the end of the game. Just remember, IT MUST ALL BE HALLOWEEN THEMED.

Well there you have it, our definitive list of Halloween games that are great for some freaky fun! It doesn’t matter whatever type of party you decide to attend, we hope you enjoy your Halloween, and have fun playing some of our Adult Halloween games!

Don’t forget to also share some pictures of your costumes and party games using #smiffyshalloween.