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    Remembered for a string of classic films such as Some like it Hot or Gentlemen prefer blondes. Marilyn Monroe took the world by storm in the 1950s, starring in some of the decades biggest movies whilst also dating a string of famous people to earn her the title of the world's first true 'Celebrity'. With a legacy that sees no sign of stopping, even to this day Marilyn Monroe is still revered as one of the most iconic pop culture figures of all time even to this day. It was however, probably her most famous film The Seven Year Itch that has given us her most well-known and iconic look of the Marilyn Monroe legacy. The Halter neck dress worn on the infamous subway grate scene shook the whole world, and is still widely used today in a whole host of pop culture references. Thanks to the costume wizards at MAD Distribution, you can now make yourself look like Marilyn Monroe with our White Halter neck Dress and Bombshell wig. Perfect for parties (Presidents birthdays) and other events, the MAD Distributions selection of costumes will leave you spoiled for choice on what to wear.

    6 products
    Marilyn Monroe Fever Costume White_1 sm-52274M
    Marilyn Monroe Fever Costume White
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    Marilyn Monroe Classic Costume Adult White_2 sm-27428s
    Marilyn Monroe Classic Costume Adult White
    Marilyn Monroe Wig Adult Blonde_1 sm-42207
    Marilyn Monroe Wig Curled Blonde Adult
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    Lisa Wig Blonde Bombshell
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    Marilyn Monroe Costume Halterneck Dress Adult White
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    Marilyn Monroe Bombshell Wig Adult Blonde
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