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    If you're looking to have a laugh with your friends this summer, try the Borat Mankini from MAD DIstribution. When Borat first hit the British Big Screen in 2006, amongst the many classic moments (and there was many!) from the comedy film is the first wearing of the Borat Mankini. This costume has come to define the character even more than iconic grey suit that's worn throughout our favourites Kazak’s travels in pursuit of his cultural learnings of America, and has since then become a favourite for Stag Dos, Birthdays and any other occasion you want to flaunt your body. If you're wanting to be even more like Borat, you can also combine with our Squadron Leader Tash for the total character makeover, with this bushy moustache brilliant for imitating Borat. Whether it's a beach or a bar, whatever occasion you do decide to wear your Borat mankini you can guarantee you'll look great with the help of MAD Distribution.
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    Borat Mankini Adult Lime Green Costume Swimsuit
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