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    You're going to love our collection of sea creature costumes. Around 70% of the world’s surface is covered in water, and these waters are home to some weird and wonderful sea life, so if you have an affiliation with water, why not dress up in one of our many sea creatures costumes for adults and children? From ferocious looking shark costumes to animated lobster costumes to cute turtle ones, we’ve got you covered. All it takes is a little bit of imagination. We humans have no idea what the vast oceans hold; it all remains a mystery, however we do know that it’s home to thousands of species of unique and sometimes deadly animals, many of which remain undiscovered. As you can see sea creature fancy dress is pretty scary stuff. For more animal dress up, head over to our animal fancy dress page to peruse all of our different species.

    20 products
    Lets Pretend Princess Of The Seas Costume_1 rub-884563S
    Princess of the Seas Costume Girls Pirate Lets Pretend
    Step In Seahorse Childrens Costume_1 CF152
    Step In Seahorse Childrens Costume
    Dark Mermaid Costume Child Purple_1 sm-51077L
    Dark Mermaid Costume Child Purple Fishtail Dress
    Shark Costume Plush Big Head
    Rubber Fish Animal Kingdom Unisex Large_1 AK045
    Rubber Fish Animal Kingdom Large Prop 30cm
    Swashbuckling Pirate Boy Costume Kids High Seas Adventurer Outfit
    Girls Mermaid Costume with Dress & Seaweed Crown
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    Shark Costume Kids Grey_1 sm-44071L
    Shark Costume Kids Grey_4
    Shark Costume Kids Grey Hooded Jumpsuit
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    Seashell Mermaid Costume Purple_1 sm-55050L
    Seashell Mermaid Costume Purple_2 sm-55050M
    Seashell Mermaid Costume Purple
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    Evil Sea Witch Costume Black_1 sm-63087L
    Evil Sea Witch Costume Black_2 sm-63087M
    Evil Sea Witch Costume Black
    Sold Out
    Ride In Seahorse Costume_1 sm-71089
    Ride In Seahorse Costume
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    Toddler Clown Fish Costume_1 sm-71059T1
    Toddler Clown Fish Costume_2 sm-71059T2
    Toddler Clown Fish Costume
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    Kids Mommy Shark Costume_1 rub-701703INFT
    Kids Mommy Shark Costume_2 rub-701703S
    Kids Mommy Shark Costume
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    Ride In Octopus Costume_1 sm-71088
    Ride In Octopus Costume
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    Lobster Comfy Wear Adult_1 R701077STD
    Lobster Comfy Wear Adult
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    Shark Full Head Mask Kids Grey_1 sm-46975
    Shark Full Head Mask Kids Grey
    Sold Out
    Kids Baby Shark Costume Rubies BABY SHARK 24203 MAD Fancy Dress
    Kids Baby Shark Costume Rubies BABY SHARK 24204 MAD Fancy Dress
    Baby Shark Yellow Costume for Kids
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    Kids Daddy Shark Costume_1 rub-701701INFT
    Kids Daddy Shark Costume_2 rub-701701S
    Kids Daddy Shark Costume
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    High Seas Sailor Costume_1 sm-71033L
    High Seas Sailor Costume_2 sm-71033M
    High Seas Sailor Girl Costume
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    High Seas Sailor Costume_1 sm-71032L
    High Seas Sailor Boys Costume
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