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    We have an authentic collection of Tudor costumes available for adults and kids. The Tudor period was a period in English history between 1485 and 1603, coinciding with the rule of the Tudor dynasty, with a line of five monarchs, starting with King Henry VII, Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary I and Queen Elizabeth I. Tudor fancy dress is a great historical costume theme and don't forget it also involves Elizabethan era costumes. Whether you are looking to dress up in a Henry VIII costume, or our Tudor princess costume, we've got something for everyone, and that includes men, women, girls and boys. If a full Tudor outfit is not for you, then we have some great Tudor accessories, such as our instant Posh Tudor kit, it's all just a click away.

    12 products
    Tudor Girl Costume_1 rub-888323S
    Tudor Girl Costume Dress with Apron
    Tudor Boy Costume Kids Royal Blue_1 sm-41092M
    Tudor Boy Costume Kids Royal Blue_2 sm-41092S
    Tudor Boy Costume Kids Royal Blue
    Tudor Girl_1 CF227L
    Tudor Girl
    William Shakespeare Childrens Costume_1 CF198
    William Shakespeare Childrens Costume
    Tudor Princess Costume Child Red_1 sm-47747L
    Tudor Princess Costume Child Red_2 sm-47747M
    Tudor Princess Costume Child Red
    Tudor Girl 128cm Childrens Costume Female_1 CC021
    Tudor Girl Costume 5-7 Years Book Day Dress
    Child Tudor Boy Costume_1 rub-888320S
    Child Tudor Boy Costume
    Tudor Kit Child Red_1 sm-47746L
    Tudor Kit Child Red_2 sm-47746M
    Tudor Kit Child Red
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    Shakespeare Costume Kids Green_1 sm-44077L
    Shakespeare Costume Kids Green
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    Henry VIII_1 CF226L
    Henry VIII Costume for Boys
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    Tudor Prince Childrens Costume_1 CC302
    Tudor Prince Childrens Costume
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    Boys Tudor Boy With Hat 128cm Childrens Costume Male Halloween_1 CC023
    Boys Tudor Boy With Hat 128cm Childrens Costume Male Halloween_2
    Boys Tudor Boy With Hat 128cm Childrens Costume Male Halloween
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