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    Our magical range of unicorn costumes and accessories are available for adults and kids. For those of you that aren't aware, a unicorn is a mythical horse-like animal, with magical healing properties. Unicorns are massive right now and this is probably one of our hottest categories. Wherever you look there is no escaping the unicorn craze that's taking the world by storm. These brightly coloured creatures have infiltrated our very way of life, whether it be inspiring the fashion trends, the latest toys craze, or taking centre stage in the latest fairytale, it's literally everywhere. Women and girls, (and men) of all ages are dressing up as unicorns and bringing to life their magical powers. So it was only right, that we, the fancy dress experts, had something suitable for our lovely customers. And we've got something for everyone. From sexy unicorn outfits for the ladies, to spiral horn headbands, pastel coloured wigs and makeup kits for the girls; whatever unicorn costume you need to create some magic, you will find it here. If you need some more ideas, then be sure to head over to our animal costumes category.

    15 products
    Kids Sparkling Unicorn Costume
    Barbie Kids Unicorn Accessory Set
    Unicorn Pastel Headband_1 sm-72021
    Unicorn Pastel Headband
    Unicorn Kit Child Multi_1 sm-49721
    Unicorn Kit Child Multi_2
    Unicorn Kit Child Multi
    Womens Unicorn Fairy Wig_1 rub-39336NS
    Womens Unicorn Fairy Wig
    Unicorn Hoodie_1 CF081
    Unicorn Hoodie
    Unicorn Rainbow Toddler_1 CF121
    Unicorn Rainbow Toddler
    Unicorn Felt Mask_1 sm-70269
    Unicorn Felt Mask
    Girls Riding Unicorn Childrens Costume Female Halloween_1 CC043
    Riding Unicorn Childrens Costume
    Unicorn Set Ears + Tail Instant Disguises Female_1 DS185
    Unicorn Set Ears + Tail Instant Disguises Female_2
    Unicorn Set Ears + Tail Instant Costume Kit
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    Ride In Unicorn Costume_1 sm-71084
    Ride In Unicorn Costume
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    Rainbow Unicorn Tutu Headband & Wand Set_1 DS203
    Rainbow Unicorn Tutu Headband & Wand Set
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    Girls Unicorn 128cm Childrens Costume Female Small Halloween_1 CC081
    Unicorn Childrens Costume 128cm Pink Wings
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    Unicorn Onesie Costume_1 sm-62000L
    Unicorn Onesie Costume_2 sm-62000M
    Unicorn Onesie Costume
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    Unicorn Dress Childrens Costume_1 CF132
    Unicorn Dress Childrens Costume
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