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    Whether it was jumping a crate of rattlesnakes and two mountain lions, over a row of double decker buses or even the Caesars Palace fountains, during the 1960s and 70s there was only one king of the daredevils and his name was Evil Knievel. For many years the stunt performer brought joy to millions with his fearless attitude and playful antics. Breaking hundreds of daredevil records and setting a new standard for extreme motorcycle riding that hasn't been matched since. It was often however, with their American colour theme, bright glitter and flared edges, that his Elvis themed overalls that gathered most crowd attention. Now, thanks to the gurus at MAD Distribution, you can dress like your hero in this officially licensed Evil Knievel costume and imagine the adrenaline rush that the death defying motorcycle jumps brought. Don't forget, you can also accessorize your outfit with his World famous full face helmet.

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    Evel Knievel Daredevil Costume Adult White Blue 1 sm-21126L MAD Fancy Dress
    Evel Knievel Daredevil Costume Adult White Blue 2 sm-21126M MAD Fancy Dress
    1970s Evel Knievel Daredevil Costume Adult White Blue
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