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    Our range of elephant costumes are perfect for adults and kids. Elephants are huge animals, and a great contender if you are looking for an animal costume. Elephants never forget, and whats more they pretty much can squash anything that gets in their way. Our collection of elephant fancy dress is available for men and women, and girls and boys too. So if you want to become Dumbo for the day or just act all cute and cuddly then our elephant costumes are for you.

    6 products
    Male Elephant Nose Costume_1 rub-639NS
    Male Elephant Nose Costume
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    Toddler Colourful Elephant Costume_1 sm-71003T1
    Toddler Colourful Elephant Costume_2 sm-71003T2
    Toddler Colourful Elephant Costume
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    Elephant Costume Kids Grey White_1 sm-30809
    Elephant Costume Kids Grey White Jumpsuit
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    Elephant Costume Kids Grey White_1 sm-30020
    Elephant Costume Kids Grey White_2
    Elephant Costume Kids Grey White
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    Dsc Dumbo Tutu Dress_1 rub-3002652-3
    Dsc Dumbo Tutu Dress
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    Dsc Dumbo Jumpsuit_1 rub-3002662-3
    Dsc Dumbo Jumpsuit
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