Got the perfect costume? Get the perfect wig to complete the look. MAD Distribution provides one of the biggest selections of wigs in the UK from bobs to afros, tinsel to historical, comical to Halloween and many more. You can find the perfect wig that matches a famous character, supports England in their World Cup bid, or a wig that will complete a perfect retro look from the 70's or 80's. If you are looking for the perfect wig then just browse through our huge selection and you are sure to find one to complete the perfect costume.

Wigs Fancy Dress (283)

20s Flapper Bob Wig Adult Black


60s Beehive Wig Adult Auburn


60s Beehive Wig Adult Blonde


70s Flick Wig Adult Brown


70s Funky Afro Wig Adult Blonde


70s Mersey Wig & Tash Adult Black


70s Retro Wig Adult Brown


70s Rock Legend Wig Orange Wigs


80s Bottle Wig Adult Blonde/Brown


80s Bunches Wig Adult Pink


80s Rock Idol Black |Wigs| Unisex


80s Rock Idol Blonde |Wigs| Unisex


90s Rock Star Wig Wigs


Afro Wet Look Wig Adult Black


Afro Wig Adult Natural


Afro Wig Black Jumbo Budget |Wigs| Unisex


Afro Wig Mega Black |Wigs| Unisex


Alexandra Wig Black |Wigs| Female


Babe Wig Adult Blonde


Babe Wig Adult Brown


Babe Wig Adult Pink


Babe Wig Adult Red


Babelicious Wig Adult Black


Babelicious Wig Adult Blonde


Babelicious Wig Adult Blue


Babelicious Wig Adult Brown


Babelicious Wig Adult Pink


Babelicious Wig Adult Purple


Baby Power Wig Adult Blonde


Baroque Wig Adult White


Beauty Wig Adult Black


Beehive Beauty Wig Adult Auburn


Blood Drip Wig Adult Blonde/Red


Boogie Babe Wig Adult Black


Boogie Babe Wig Adult Blonde


Boogie Babe Wig Adult Brown


Boy Band Wig Adult Blonde


Britpop Wig Adult Brown


Coquette Wig Adult Blonde


Corporate Wig Adult Grey