Are you looking to add something extra special to your creepy costume? Why not freak out your friends with the help of some scary scars from the special effects experts at MAD Distribution? Fake scars, stiches and other injuries are a great way of transforming a costume and really taking it to the next level, and with a wide variety of products and accessories available you'll be spoilt for choice on how to customize your costume. Whether you're looking for Vampire Bite Scars and small grazes, or more in depth injuries such as a Broken Bone ScarBurnt Face Scar or Hole in the Head bullet wound, MAD Distributions range of Latex scars allows you to create countless injuries and abnormalities that would be impossible otherwise. So If you're on the lookout for a latex scar, or any other horror fancy dress accessory, look no further than MAD Distribution Fancy Dress.

Scars and Wounds (31)

Arrow Through Head Adult Size |General Jokes| Unisex


Knife Through Head Headband Adult Black


Zombie 2 Wound Scars |Make Up| Unisex Pack 2


Open Wound Scar Adult Flesh


Latex Claw Wound Prosthetic Adult Red


Arrow Through Head |Bloody Tip| |General Jokes| Unisex


Latex Glass Wound Prosthetic Adult Flesh


Nail Through Head |Bloddy Tip| |General Jokes| Unisex


Gory Wounds Skin Coloured Adult Red


Latex Nail Wound Prosthetic Adult Flesh


Stitches Scar Adult Red


Horror Wound Transfer Zombie Rot Adult Red


Horror Wound Transfer Vampire Bite Wound Adult Red


Horror Wound Transfer Cut & Slashed Wound Adult Red


Eyepatch + Stitches Costume Accessories Male


Deluxe Burnt Face Overhead & Neck Mask, Latex


Latex Stigmata Wound Prosthetics Adult Flesh


Latex Cross Wound Prosthetic Adult Flesh


Zombie Plaster Wound Transfers Adult Flesh


Zombie Exposed Throat Wound Adult Flesh


Zombie Assorted Scars |Make Up| Unisex


Slashed Throat Wound |Stick On Mutilations / Disguises| Unisex


Latex Infected Bite Wound Prosthetic Adult Red


Horror Wound Transfer Zombie Decay Adult Red


Horror Wound Transfer Dead Flesh Adult Red


Horror Wound Transfer Bullet Hole Wound Adult Red


Burnt Face Scar Latex Adult Flesh


Barbed Wire Neck Wound |Stick on Mutilations| Unisex


A Hole In The Head Scar Bullet Wound Adult Red