Uniform   costumes
Woop-woop! That's the sound of da police! Emergency Services & Military Uniforms have been a staple for as long as anyone can remember, with every party having their own selection of combat cadets, naughty nurses or petrified prisoners. At MAD Distribution, we understand the excitement of dressing up in uniform and the air authority it gives you, and have put together a collection costumes that will leave you spoiled for choice when choosing your uniform. You can protect the planet in our Military , with a multitude Army, Air Force and Navy outfits available that cover all classes of soldier from officers to captains. If it's something closer to home you're searching for, our Emergency Services costumes are excellent for any event with a wide selection of Doctors, Nurses & Firemen that can suit any style party. Don't forgot, you can also add Aviator Specs, ID Badges and all those finishing touches to your Uniform with our amazing collection of accessories that contain everything to help you complete your costume.

Heroes and Role Model Fancy Dress (63)

Jockey Costume Adult Pink/Black


Elvis Wig Adult Black


Marilyn Monroe Wig Adult Blonde


Cheerleader Costume Adult Red


Elvis Costume Adult Black


90s Bowl Cut Wig Adult Brown


Guy Wig Adult Blonde


Elvis Deluxe Wig Adult Black


Elvis Costume Adult Gold


Evel Knievel Costume Adult White/Blue


Safari Man Costume Adult Tan


Pilots Cap Adult Black


Evil Madame Costume Adult Black/White


Cape Adult Red


Air Hostess Hat Adult Blue


90s Messy Surfer Guy Wig Adult Blonde


Elvis Costume Kids White/Red


Guy Wig Adult Black


Bananaman Deluxe Eva Chest Costume Adult Blue/Yellow


Marilyn Monroe Bombshell Wig Adult Blonde


Flight Attendant Costume Adult Blue


Elvis Shades Adult Gold


Elvis Shades Adult Silver


Chauffeur Hat Adult Black


Aerobics Instructor Costume Adult Black


90s Rocker Kit Adult Black


Rapper Suit Adult Yellow


Gone Golfing Costume Adult Green/Yellow


Elvis Headpiece Adult Black/Gold


Chef Hat Adult White


Cheerleader Costume Adult Blue


1920s Star Costume Adult Black/Grey


Cape Adult Pink


Marilyn Monroe Classic Costume Adult White


Bananaman Padded Costume Adult Blue/Yellow


90s Stupid Tuxedo Costume Adult Blue


Elvis Costume With Jewels Adult White


90s Tv Host Kit Adult Ginger Chris Evans


Trolley Dolly Costume Adult Red/Gold


Spaceman Costume Adult White