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Want to dress up as a musketeer for the day? Then you're going to need one of our musketeer costumes, available for adults and men. In case you are wondering, a musketeer was a soldier, armed with a musket gun. They date back to 1622 when Louis XIII created the Musketeers of the Guard for the Maison du Roy (the French Royal Household). A Musketeer had to be of noble birth, but didn't have to be rich. Alexandre Dumas then wrote The Three Musketeers in 1844, later made into a movie by Douglas Fairbanks. But you don't have to fly all the way to Paris to practice your fencing skills. Our collection of Musketeer fancy dress is perfect for men and boys. For the most convincing musketeer outfit, you're also going to need to our accessories, such as our Musketeer moustache, and sword, and some boots. We also have some great musketeer wigs too. Whatever musketeer costume you're looking for, you'll find it all below. Be sure to check out our other historical costumes if you are still undecided.

6 products
Musketeer Male Costume With Top Hat Adult Blue_1 sm-43415M
Musketeer Male Costume With Top Hat Adult Blue_2 sm-43415L
Musketeer Male Costume with Top Hat Adult Blue
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Musketeer Female Costume Adult Blue_1 sm-43416M
Musketeer Female Costume Adult Blue
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Musketeer Wig Adult Black_1 sm-42212
Musketeer Wig Adult Black_2
Musketeer Wig Adult Black
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Musketeer Hat Germany_1 rub-4120214NS
Musketeer Hat Germany
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