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    Get all prehistoric with our fantastic range of dinosaur costumes and accessories, available for adults and kids. Dinosaurs used to roam the Earth over 66 million years ago, yet are still ever popular today with boys and girls looking to dress up in costume. These deadly animals have fascinating names, such as the Tyrannosaurus rex, (also known as T Rex), which literally translates to "king of the tyrant lizards". Other dinosaurs with celeb status, are the Velociraptor, made famous by the Jurassic Park movie, and also the Triceratops and Stegosaurus. Whichever of these ferocious predators you want to become we've got the dinosaur outfit to match. For more inspiration, be sure to take a look at our other animal fancy dress costumes.

    11 products
    Velociraptor Blue Costume_1 rub-821066STD
    Velociraptor Blue Costume_2 rub-821066XL
    Velociraptor Blue Costume Adult Jurrasic World Dinosaur
    Inflatable Dinosaur 76cm Items_1 IJ054
    Inflatable Dinosaur 76cm Items
    Triceratops Inflatable Adult Costume Jurassic Park_1 rub-821065NS
    Triceratops Inflatable Costume Adult Jurassic Park Dinosaur
    Dinosaur Latex Mask Adult Green_1 sm-48960
    Dinosaur Latex Mask Adult Green
    Pteranodon Inflatable Jurassic Park Adult Costume_1 rub-821149NS
    Pteranodon Inflatable Jurassic Park Adult Costume
    Inflatable T Rex Costume_1 rub-810481NS
    Inflatable T Rex Costume Jurassic World Adult
    Inflatable Velociraptor Jurassic World Mens Dinosaur Costume
    Dinosaur Realistic Mask_1 BM568
    Dinosaur Realistic Mask
    Dinosaur PVC Adult Mask Rubber Masks Male_1 BM506
    Dinosaur PVC Adult Mask
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    Dinosaur Mascot Mask_1 BM560
    Dinosaur Mascot Mask
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    Dinosaur Costume Adult Green_1 sm-50711L
    Dinosaur Costume Adult Green_2 sm-50711M
    Dinosaur Costume Adult Green
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