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    Kids Grease costumes

    Grease is the go to film for rainy days at School. So it's no wonder the selection of Kids Grease costumes from MAD Distribution are such a popular costume choice despite the film being released way before they were born. Thanks to MAD Distribution, your children can now enjoy all the action from Ryedale high with our wide range of outfits that are suitable for both Boys and Girls. Boys can do their best John Travolta impression with our terrific T-Bird jacket that let will have them dancing like Danny Zuko. Girls can show up as Rizzo or Frenchie with our pretty Pink Ladies jacket that is perfect for Film & TV . Don't forget to also visit our amazing accessories store that's filled with a wide range of items including our 50s Teddy Boy Style Flick Combs and 50s Style Specs that are fantastic for finishing your . Go Greased Lightning!

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