Welcome to MAD Distributions Santa's Grotto, filled with all the finest Santa costumes, suits and accessories this side of Lapland. Now you can get into the Christmas spirit this Winter with a Santa outfit from our Christmas fancy dress range where we have a selection of Santa outfits to suit everyone's tastes and needs. You can turn yourself into a Deluxe Santa with a big belly and a long beard wearing a red and white suit or choose from one of our more modern versions or Mr Claus with our Super Fit Santa or a second skin Santa costume. We also have a collection of Miss Santa costumes for women in a variety of styles and even Mini Santa costumes for kids. Anyone can become a Santa for one day with MAD Distribution, just don't forget to check out our Christmas accessories to complete your Santa outfit.

Santa Costumes (99)

Santa Belly Stuffer Adult Red


Mens Belts Santa/Pirate |Costume Accessories| Male Halloween Costume


Santa Cool Costume Adult Red/White


Deluxe Santa Belt Adult Black


Santa Kini Adult Red/White


Miss Santa Costume Adult Red/White


Striped Santa Hat Adult Red/Whte


Santa Suit Costume Adult Red/White


Santa Girl Costume Kids Red/White


Santa Big Belly Inflatable Adult Flesh


Santa Belt Adult Black


Miss Claus Mini Cape Adult Red


Santa's Little Helper Costume Kids Red/Green


Santa Gloves Adult White


Santa Beard Adult White


Deluxe Santa Costume & Beard Kids Red/White


Santa Wig And Beard Set Adult White


Santa Stuck In Chimney Hat Adult Red


Santa Gloves Adult Red


Santa Dress Up Kit Adult White


Santa Dress Up Kit Adult White


Tartan Santa Hat Adult Red


Super Fit Santa Costume & Beard Adult Red/White


Santa Hat Adult Red


Santa Hat Adult Red


Santa Boy Costume Kids Red/White


Santa Boot Covers Adult Black/White


Santa Boot Covers Adult Black


Santa Beard Adult White


Mini Miss Santa Costume Kids Red/White


Mens Santa Suit |Budget| 5 Piece Adult Costumes Male Halloween Costume


Mens Santa Suit Plush Deluxe Adult Costumes Male Halloween Costume


Deluxe Santa Costume Adult Red/White


Deluxe Miss Claus Cape Adult Red


Womens Santa Hat Lady + Pigtails |Hats| Female Halloween Costume


Womens Miss Santa Sexy |Medium| Adult Costume Female Medium 12 14 Halloween Costume


Wire Framed Santa Specs Adult Silver


Santas Little Helper/Elf Kit |Instant Disguise| Unisex


Santa Wig & Beard Adult White


Santa Toddler Costume Kids Red/White