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    Everyone knows pirates have long hair and beards. As such, no pirate outfit would be complete without a trusty pirate wig or beard. If you are looking to add some facial hair, or want to become Jack Sparrow or Captain Hook, it's all at your disposal below. But we don't just have wigs for men. We've also taken care of the women and kids too. For the pirate wenches we've got everything you need, take a look at our brown and blonde wigs, complete with bandannas. If you're looking for more accessories, take a step back to our pirate accessories collection.

    6 products
    Marauder Pirate Wig Adult Brown_1 sm-49004
    Marauder Pirate Wig Adult Brown Gaston Beauty and the Beast
    Pirate Wig Adult Brown_1 sm-21398
    Pirate Wig Adult Brown Long Bandana
    Pirate Wig & Scarf Adult Brown_1 sm-42078
    Pirate Wig & Scarf Adult Brown_2
    Pirate Wig & Scarf Adult Brown
    Pirate Wig Adult Black_1 sm-43286
    Pirate Wig Adult Black_2
    Pirate Wig Adult Black
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    Pirate Captain Wig Adult Black_1 sm-42041
    Pirate Captain Wig Adult Black Long Curly
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    Buccaneer Pirate Wig Adult Brown_1 sm-42074
    Buccaneer Pirate Wig Adult Brown_2
    Buccaneer Pirate Wig Adult Brown
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