For as long as anyone can remember, Animal costumes have always been a long-standing tradition in . From the plays and pantomimes of the early 19th century to modern day movies and parties, dressing up as Animals has always provided a certain attraction to adults and children alike. An animal costume's ability to suit all styles and personalities has meant that anyone can find an Animal for them. Whether you want to be scary like a Shark, look like a Lion or everything or anything in-between you can. So why not take a guided tour around the our Zoo and choose an Animal costume for your next event.

Adult Animal Fancy Dress (112)

Flower Party Poncho Adult Green/Pink


Duck Beak Adult Yellow


Chicken Costume Adult YelloWith Red


Dog Hood & Gloves Adult Brown


Flamingo Costume Adult Pink


Elephant Costume Adult Grey


Shaun The Sheep Costume Adult White


Rabbit Mask Adult White


Frog Kit Adult Green


Adult Dalmatian Kit Adult Black/White


Duck Costume With Bodysuit Trousers Adult Yellow


Horse Hat Adult Brown


Leopard Costume Adult Brown


Cow Party Poncho Adult White/Black


Tiger Costume Adult Orange/Black


Wolf Costume Adult Grey


Duck Party Poncho Adult Yellow


Shaun The Sheep Kids Costume Kids White


Rabbit Costume Adult White


Horse Costume Adult Brown


Adult Lion Kit Adult Brown


Shaun The Sheep Costume Adult White/Black


Zebra Party Poncho Adult White/Black


Cow Costume Adult White/Black


Shark Overhead Mask Adult Blue


Crocodile Costume Adult Green


Chimp Mask Adult Black


Fluffy Dog Costume Adult Grey


Penguin Party Poncho Adult Black/White


Octopus Costume Foam Bonded Adult Purple


Elephant Kit Adult Grey


Horse Mask Adult Brown


Frog Party Poncho Adult Green


Lobster Costume Adult Red


Chicken Mask Adult White


Bear Costume Adult Brown


Parrot Party Poncho Adult Red/Yellow


Adult Mouse Kit Adult Grey


Adult Elephant Kit Adult Grey


Unicorn Latex Mask Adult Pink