Kids Pirate Costumes

There's no better equipment for a fantastical voyage on the high seas of the living room carpet than a kids pirate costume from MAD Distribution, with our collection of costumes perfect for pirate adventures to all corners of the seven seas. Suitable for both boys and girls, our selection of pirate contains a variety of costumes ranging from a simple Pirate Costume that's perfect for playing in, to more complex outfits such as our Pirate Skull and Crossbones Girl Costume or Deluxe Pirate Captain Costume that require a little more looking after. Don't forget, you can also accessorize your outfit with our amazing collection of pirate accessories which includes everything from Eyepatches and Pirate swords, to Pirate Hats and Make up! So why not let your little ones imaginations run riot as they discover treasure down in Davy Jones' Locker (or the side of the sofa) with the help of a kids pirate costume from MAD Distribution.

Childrens Pirate Fancy Dress (14)

Pirate Tricorn Red Ladies |Hats| Female


Pirate Tricorn Black Wool Felt |Hats| Male


Pirate Tricorn Brown Suede Fabric |Hats| Unisex


Womens Tricorn Hat Brown |Pirate Lady| |Hats| Female Halloween Costume


Womens Pirate Man Hat On Band |Hats| Female Halloween Costume


Pirate Tricorn Felt/Gold Edging |Hats| Unisex


Pirate Hat Black Childs Size |Hats| Unisex


Pirate Hat Distressed Brown |Hats| Unisex


Mens Pirate Hat Fabric/Gold Edging |Hats| Male Halloween Costume


Pirate Hat Distressed Black |Hats| Unisex


Pirate Hat Deluxe Velvet |Hats| Unisex


Pirate Bandana + Wig (Ladies) + Eyepatch


Mens Pirate Skull Hat Red/Black |Hats| Male Halloween Costume


Mens Pirate Caribbean Hat + Hair |Hats| Male Halloween Costume