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Egyptian Costumes
The Ancient Egyptians have always been surrounded by an air of mystery and intrigue with their breath-taking pyramids, fun loving Pharaohs and collection of Gods unlike any other. If you're searching for something for a Historical or Egyptian themed party, or simply want to wear something a little different, why not explore MAD Distributions Ancient Treasure Tomb full of the finest Egyptian themed this side of the Nile. Delve inside and discover everything from our wonderful collection of costumes covering everything from Pharaoh Outfits all the way to Cleopatra costumes. Or, if you're after something a bit more special, you can also go as a God to your Egyptian event with our wide selection of outfits including an array of Ancient Egypt's most well known Gods including Anubis the Jackal, Goddess Nefertiti and Bastet the Cat Goddess. Whatever you decide to wear, at MAD Distribution our exciting selection of Egyptian outfits contains everything you need to walk and talk like an Egyptian.
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