Are you trying to find the perfect fake glasses but just can't see the right specs to suit your fancy dress costume? At MAD Distribution, we understand that little adjustments and add-on accessories can totally transform your costume, and that's why our selection of fake glasses and sunglasses come in a wide range of styles to match any outfit you choose. From character specific styles including our Blues Brothers Sunglasses and Elvis shades created especially to combine with our full character costumes, to multipurpose pairs including Aviators, Geek glasses and Seventies Hippy Specs that either look fantastic by themselves or as part of a wider outfit. It doesn't matter whether you have an outfit in mind or are simply searching for something that takes your fancy, we'll have the perfect pair of fake glasses for you.

Glasses (8)

Sailor Cap Glasses |Costume Accessories| Unisex


Clown Half Face |Glasses Frame| Mask with Hair |Eye Masks| Male


Womens Glasses 50s Female Style White |Costume Accessories| Female Halloween Costume


Flyaway Style Rock & Roll Sunglasses, White


Harley Half Eyemask |G/F| |Eye Masks |h/b = Headband G/f = Glasses Frame|| Unisex


Harlequin/Jester |Glasses Frame| Mask |Eye Masks| Female


Ghostly Skull Eyemask |G/F| |Eye Masks |h/b = Headband G/f = Glasses Frame|| Unisex


Futuristic Cyborg Glasses Costume Accessories Unisex