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    Hellboy Costumes

    Are you after an alternative - but still cool - super hero costume so that you can stand out from the crowd at your next event? Then why not take on the persona of Mike Mignola’s fictional super hero Hellboy for your next event? Summoned from hell to earth by Rasputin in December 1944, this well-meaning demon from East Bromwich (described as smelling of dry roasted peanuts) has been appearing in comics since 1993, although is probably most notably known for the proceeding two live action films as well as innumerable animations and video games. Our officially licensed Hellboy contains everything you need to easily look like Hellboy (Anung Un Rama). Arriving complete with coat, Mask, arm piece and belt buckle, in fact the only thing you'll have to do is paint one hand! If you're looking for film and TV , look no further than MAD Distribution.

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