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    Scrabble has been both enthralling and frustrating people for nearly 80 years since it first hit the shelves in 1938 with its seemingly never ending list of words and phrases that have caused more family argument than a game of monopoly. Now, thanks to the specialists at MAD Distribution you can arrive at your next costume party looking like you’ve just eaten the scrabble dictionary with our spectacular Scrabble costumes for both Men and Women. Available as a full scrabble board with tabard, or a delightful dress for the ladies, each costume has interchangeable letters letting you write a hilarious message for your fellow party guests at your next event.

    2 products
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    Scrabble Board Licensed Costume Adult Green_1
    Scrabble Board Licensed Costume Adult Green_2
    Scrabble Board Licensed Costume Adult Green
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    Scrabble Costume Green Adult_1
    Scrabble Costume Green Adult_2
    Scrabble Costume Green Adult
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