Victorian Costumes

The Victorians brought Britain to the forefront of the World and industrialization, with many of todays most used items - such as the car or telephone - still being used daily by the majority of households around the World. Not only this, but Victorian fashions are still just as stylish now as they were over one hundred years ago. Now, thanks to the experts at MAD Distribution, you can choose from our wide range of Victorian costumes that will transport you back to the turn of the last century. You can act like the Artful Dodger in our Dodgy Victorian Boy outfit, or pretend to be posh in our Victorian Vixen Deluxe or Posh Victorian lady costumes that are perfect for looking fantastic, whilst still maintaining the conservative Victorian style. If it's something more regal you're searching for, why not dress up as one of Britain's best-loved and longest serving royals in a Queen Victoria costume. However you decide to dress put, MAD Distributions selection of Victorian outs come with everything you need for a fantastic costume. Rule Britannia!!

Victorian Fancy Dress (43)

Deluxe Ladies Victorian Top Hat Adult Black


Victorian Suffragette Costume Kids Grey


Womens Victorian Maid Adult Costumes Female Halloween Costume


Victorian Vixen Deluxe Costume Adult Blue


Womens Victorian Mob Cap |Hats| Female Halloween Costume


Victorian Urchin Set Kids Brown


Victorian Suffragette Kit Adult White/Purple


Victorian School Girl Costume Kids Grey


Victorian Poor Boy Costume Kids Green/Red


Womens Victorian Maid Cap |Hats| Female Halloween Costume


Tales Of Old England Monocle Adult Black


Posh Victorian Costume Kids Blue/White


Deluxe Victorian Suffragette Costume Adult Grey/Pink


Victorian Nanny Costume Adult Blue


Tales Of Old England Plastic Smoking Pipe Adult Brown


Tales Of Old England Indestructible Topper Hat Adult Black


Victorian Poor Girl Costume Kids White/Blue


Victorian Poor Peasant Boy Kit Kids Blue/Brown


Poor Victorian Costume Kids Brown/White


Dodgy Victorian Boy Costume Kids Black/Green/Blue


Victorian Maid 146cm Childrens Costumes Female 146cm


Victorian Gent 146cm Childrens Costumes Male 146cm


Victorian Maid 134cm Childrens Costumes Female 134cm


Victorian Gent 134cm Childrens Costumes Male 134cm


Womens Victorian Lady Brown |Wigs| Female Halloween Costume


Womens Steampunk Victorian Lady |Adult Costumes| Female Halloween Costume


Victorian Slasher Victim Costume Adult Grey


Victorian Nanny Costume Kids Blue


Victorian Kit Kids White


Tales Of Old England Sherlock Holmes Kit Adult Brown


Tales Of Old England Sheriff Of Nottingham Adult Black/Silver


Tales Of Old England Satin Bow tie Adult Black


Tales Of Old England Music Hall Tash Adult Black


Tales Of Old England Metal Shoe Buckle Adult Gold


Tales Of Old England London Bobbie Tash Adult Black


Tales Of Old England Investigator Tash Adult Black


Tales Of Old England Friar Tuck Adult Grey


Tales Of Old England Edwardian Tash Adult Black


Tales Of Old England Derby Bowler Hat Adult Black


Girls Victorian Apron Childrens Costumes Female Halloween Costume