Katniss Child Glove Mockingjay Archer Hunger Games

SKU: rub-32551NS
Katniss Child Glove Mockingjay Archer Hunger Games

Katniss Child Glove Mockingjay Archer Hunger Games

SKU: rub-32551NS
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Product Details

We know it’s always been by random selection, so you never know if and when your kiddo is going to be the one from your district selected as a tribute. Picked out of the masses and forced to enter the Hunger Games. So it’s best to help her prepare for it, just in case. You’ll want to make sure she’s proficient with a bow. You know what helps? Making sure she's been leaving the town illegally to go hunting for food. Hunger is not only the best seasoning, it's also the best motivator!

Although. Once she's in the ring, your girl can’t count on skills with just a single weapon since she can’t be sure of what she’ll be able to grab once the games have begun. So, having some other skills will come in handy as well. She's going to have to think on her feet and use what's around her. Remember that scene when she uses a hornet's nest to take down the gang that was hunting her. It's not about what you have, it's about how fast you can move. Whatever weapon she ends up wielding, she’ll want to have a good grip on it.

That’s where this awesome Hunger Games Child Katniss Glove comes in handy! Katniss won the Hunger Games not once but twice, and not to mention she lead a rebellion against the capitol. So, yeah, we think she knows what she’s doing. She always had her handy glove to help give her an advantage over her enemies. Give your youngster a little help when she enters the Hunger Games with this officially licensed Katniss Glove!


  • Katniss Glove


  • Theme: Mockingjay Costumes
  • Age Group: Kids
  • Main Colour: Black

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